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about us

With a combined twenty years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses, Dashby started out as a side business and has been fortunate enough to have grown quickly. We started small, and we continually think big.

We are a results driven team that has one goal in mind, GROWTH. We have a passion to serve and partner with you. We believe in being transparent not only in our approach, but by giving you realistic expectations and feedback on your ecommerce business. 

We specialize on the Amazon platform because it's exceedingly consumers number one choice. If you already allow third party sellers to sell your products on Amazon, you likely do not need another. Yes, we say this as a third party seller. Too many sellers often leads to lower prices, MAP and Amazon policy violations that can ultimately tarnish your brand's image. 


What you likely need is a partner that will not only invest their money in your products, but will invest their time to help you grow your brand and sales. That's where Dashby comes in!


Please contact us today to discuss your ecommerce needs!

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